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§Falbrav # 31 ≡ Re: FRANKEL
Groupe I
Groupe I
901 posts depuis
le 18/6/2007
De : Maine et Loire
Meme Equidia commence à donner en infos des rumeurs qui sortent de nul part, c'est rassurant :-D

:oops: :oops:
14.04.12 - 18:52 Profil

Groupe I
Groupe I
2866 posts depuis
le 9/11/2010
Citation :
Meme Equidia commence à donner en infos des rumeurs qui sortent de nul part, c'est rassurant :-D

14.04.12 - 18:56 Profil

§ivct # 33 ≡ Re: FRANKEL
Groupe I
Groupe I
5900 posts depuis
le 4/7/2010
"Khalid Abdullah's Racing Manager Teddy Grimthorpe yesterday provided an update on the injury to Frankel (GB) (Galileo {Ire}), describing the G1 Lockinge S. as "unlikely" at this stage. The brilliant unbeaten colt is set to undergo a scan in Newmarket late next week after sustaining a cut during work on Wednesday morning. Orginally, the 4-year-old had been set to return in the May 19 mile contest, but this setback appears to have cancelled out that opportunity. "He suffered this injury on Wednesday morning working on Racecourse Side and he was found to be a bit sore and there was some filling in his right-fore leg," Grimthorpe explained. "Henry [Cecil] thought originally that he might have struck into himself in the gallop, as he's a very exuberant and extravagant mover. The initial scan, which was done on a portable scan, showed no damage and no hole or lesion, which is positive and led us to believe and hope it was just a superficial or minor injury. But obviously, with a horse of this nature, or any horse actually, we have to be incredibly careful, especially with injuries of this type in this area. He's getting the best care he can get at the moment and he'll go into the Equine Hospital in Newmarket and have a scan which will tell us definitely if there is any damage. There is no point in doing it earlier, because there is still some haemorrhaging which has caused the filling and that needs to dissipate. That will probably take about a week to clear and after the scan we'll get good pictures on the scan and it will tell us if there is any damage at all. At the moment, we are still in the unknown but we are all very hopeful for a positive outcome. There will be nothing definitive until the end of next week. I think it would be too early to rule him out of Royal Ascot, but I would say that Newbury would be very unlikely whatever. The horse will tell us, but he's going to miss a week and the race is May 19 so it's all getting a bit tight. If he was right and recovered, I don't think Henry would want to rush him into Newbury, or even Royal Ascot if needs be. If he were right and we were happy with him, he would get into his normal programme and we would race him when the best time came. There is no schedule as far as that goes. Prince Khalid has been owning horses for 40 years now, so he has experienced all the very highs and all the very lows. His mantra has always been that he wants to do the best for his horses. Frankel is a third-generation homebred, so it has never been a case of what is the cleverest or most commercial thing to do, but what is the best thing to do. His scan will probably be Friday, just to get a clear picture."

TDN 13/04/12

14.04.12 - 21:22 Profil

§Lou14 # 34 ≡ Re: FRANKEL
Groupe II
Groupe II
655 posts depuis
le 15/3/2010
Il n'y a plus qu'a attendre une semaine :-D
14.04.12 - 21:36 Profil

§Magic25 # 35 ≡ Re: FRANKEL
Course B
Course B
68 posts depuis
le 3/3/2008
Galop de Frankel avant les Guineas! J'adore!

05.05.12 - 21:25 Profil

Groupe I
Groupe I
3535 posts depuis
le 28/2/2008
Magnifique action.
05.05.12 - 22:26 Profil

§Adidou # 37 ≡ Re: FRANKEL
Groupe I
Groupe I
2840 posts depuis
le 16/5/2012
De : Pays de la Loire
Il fait son retour tout à l'heure :-)
19.05.12 - 15:54 Profil

§DukeofMarmalade # 38 ≡ Re: FRANKEL
Groupe II
Groupe II
639 posts depuis
le 8/8/2008
Frankel est bel et bien de retour...gagne d'une facon impressionante encore aujourd'hui !!!
19.05.12 - 16:43 Profil

§DylanThomas # 39 ≡ Re: FRANKEL
Groupe I
Groupe I
6285 posts depuis
le 17/3/2008
...what else? :-D Y'a pas à dire, y'a vraiment lui et les autres.
19.05.12 - 16:43 Profil

§matheo # 40 ≡ Re: FRANKEL
Groupe I
Groupe I
970 posts depuis
le 2/1/2003
il est tout simplement innaprochable! c'est le meilleur miler du monde sans aucun doute
19.05.12 - 16:44 Profil



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